The following is a bit of a throwback from a site I created last year, but decided not to keep pursuing. The content, though, still applies. 

You’ve probably heard someone describe the stock market as a bull or bear market, right? Well, those terms can actually be applied to any commodity, and what’s a bigger commodity than your brand? To me, it’s a huge value in being bullish in the final quarter — it helps me to charge into the new year with a new focus and a better outlo.

So why exactly should you be bullish?

Unlike a bear market that is headed down, a bull market is on the up. Everyone is optimistic about the trend and prices are expected to go up. Basically, all is good in the hood when there’s a bull market. Investors are all smiles

So are you a bull or a bear? Here are a few ways to be much more like our strong, horned friends and less like our furry ones:

1. Be optimistic.

When it comes to your brand and the opportunities that can come from it, it’s important to be optimistic. Even in the stock market, there are theories that imply a correlation between psychology and market behavior. If you think everything will go well, then there is a higher chance that it will.

2. Be confident.

When you’re confident about your brand, other people are, too. You exude it like Beyonce’s pregnancy glow or like Kanye stealing the mic from Taylor Swift. Pretty much, everyone can see and feel it. No one is going to believe in you if you don’t.

3. Be expectant.

In a bull market, investors expect prices to go up. They expect a positive future. They expect to make a lot of money. Go ahead and expect opportunities for yourself.

So, are you trying to be bullish with me or nah?

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