With the new year approaching (Whoo hoo!), I wanted to share with you the ways I’m using my own Dreamer’s Notebook to have my best year yet. And, I’m pretty confident that I will.

For me, 2016 is all about tackling my fears — those horrible things that stay in the back of my mind and have stopped me from doing what I’m called to do. I almost didn’t create this planner because I thought to myself, “Who am I to create this? What if people just laugh in my face and talk about me?” Well, there may be someone laughing, but my heart is filled with joy. I’m so thankful that I listened when God placed this idea in my heart and I almost let fear stop me.

That’s the thing about most fears: they aren’t real. They are these crazy mind manipulations that we create ourselves. They have no truth. Not. At. All.

So, I’m going to be transparent and share my fears with you.

Read all about it here in my Dreamer’s Letter.


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