I sold out. Three times.

Three times, I placed orders with my printer and three times, I was unsure of my ability to sell what I was paying to print. Essentially, I was doubting myself.

I went to speak at an elementary school career day this morning where one of the students asked me, “Have you ever doubted yourself?” And I thought about the feelings I had at that very moment, doubting whether or not I should reorder more planners.

Of course, my answer was yes, but why would anyone continue to doubt themselves with something that’s actually working?


We do that to ourselves. Every day. Psychologists call it the Imposter Syndrome — even as we win, we feel like we don’t deserve it. We don’t believe we’re that person.

We are though. We’re not the imposters we’ve been choosing to be.

In 2016, commit to the win and commit to knowing that you deserve it. Why because you do. You deserve every accolade, every promotion, every kudos, every congratulations that you receive. And, when you take your seat at the table, embrace it.

If you’re not there yet, act like you are. Keep your head held high and walk the walk. Act like you’ve got that job, that salary, that position, that opportunity, that esteem. Because even if you’re not where you want to eventually be, you’ve got to believe that you’re well on your way.

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